How To Invest In Your Self-Esteem

How To Invest In Your Self-Esteem

After a month without article, I’m back ! My interest for the financial world as well as my competences as an accountant are pretty weak (not to say inexistent), but this won’t prevent us to take inspiration from a basic economic concept called « diversification » in a way to apply it to our self-esteem and guarantee a long term well-being.

Diversification is the key to security

In finance, the diversification of a « stock portfolio » or of a net wealth corresponds to a risk-management method that follows the principle of investing in diverse domains to prevent a total loss risked when someone invests all his money in a unique domain. This concept is well summarized by the french saying: « you shouldn’t put all the eggs in the same basket ».

But what is finance doing with personal development, more precisely with self-esteem management ? I’m sure you all naturally would find very risky to invest all your money in the same place. However, it’s not that sure that you’re acting in the same way when we talk about how you invest your time…

Investing the major part of your time in a single activity, be it in a love relationship, friendship, in your job or your leisure, contains just as much risks ! A break-up with a partner with whom we were sharing most of our time, being fired or retire from a job in which we were 100% invested or an injury stopping us from pursuing a sports activity, and BOOM : everything collapses ! This is an « emotional krach » and suddenly, depression comes knocking at our door…How many persons that have been in this situation do you know ?

Avoid the « emotional krach » by creating a « self-esteem portfolio »

If certain persons react that strongly to this type of situation, it’s because their time and emotions were invested in one unique domain which, when it functions well, offered them acknowledgement and high self-esteem. But when that domain disappears, the base on which self-esteem was built collapses and they don’t have anymore source of valorization, which triggers terrible consequences like divorce, cancer, depression, suicide, etc.

If you have diversified your investments in different shares and one of them loses its value, you’ll probably receive a hard economic and emotional punch, but you’ll be able to bounce back with your other shares. In a way to preserve your self-esteem, I propose you to start diversifying the domains in which you invest time and emotions and give you some examples on how to build you « self-esteem portfolio » at the relational, professional and extra-professional level.

Your « self-esteem portfolio »

  • Relational : don’t invest all your time in a single relationship. Wait ! Those who saw an invitation to polygamy in this last sentence, keep reading, that’s not my point ! Keep a good balance between your partner (if you’re lucky enough to have one) and your friends. By sharing your time with different social relationships, you’ll prevent the risk of being « devastated » by a break-up or the loss of a friend.
  • Professional : it’s well seen to invest a lot of time in your job and  many people are getting good satisfaction and valorization out of it. But don’t go too hard on this ! If your job is the major source or acknowledgement and valorization and that your self-esteem relies almost entirely on it, what will happen the day you retire or get fired ? Again, try to keep a healthy balance between your job, your social relationships and your leisure in a way to diversify your acknowledgement sources and prevent damages due to stopping your professional activity.
  • Extra-professional : it’s wonderful to have a passion in which you invest entirely. However, as said concerning your relationships and your job, the impossibility to continue practicing a beloved activity (due to an injury for a sportsman for example) could be very dangerous for your self-esteem if it only relies on this particular activity. Try to develop several passions, domains of interest and extra-professional activities to prevent those problems.

You understood, diversifying the domains of investment of your time and emotions will guarantee a strong long term self-esteem that will allow you to deal with the challenges you’ll meet during your life. If you want to develop your abilities to reinforce your self-confidence and self-esteem, I’ll release an ebook with a program to boost your self-confidence in the next few months. Write your e-mail address in the comments or contact me with the contact form to let me know you’re interested.

Julien Borloz




  1. Intéressant cette comparaison en raison entre la gestion de l’estime de soi et celle du portefeuille boursier, sachant que l’estime de soi c’est la valeur que l’on se donne sur laquelle on peut investir et prendre des risques 😉

    1. Merci pour votre commentaire. En effet, je souhaitais faire cette analogie pour mettre en évidence la valeur d’une bonne estime de soi et des possibilités qu’elle ouvre.

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