Solution-Focused Coaching



  • have difficulties in your life, are stressed or have problems in your relationships
  • have set ambitious goals and are not sure to succeed alone
  • want to develop your skills and get what you desire
  • have tried other methods without being satisfied.

Me :

I offer you a brief, positive and efficient method: solution-focused coaching. This method aims at helping you to work on simple and concrete goals by focusing on what works for you, your ressources and skills.

Us :

Together, we’ll focus on your ideal future; we’ll work with your skills and ressources in order to quickly find applicable solutions that suit you. We’ll enhance your potential in order to reach your goals. All this, in a positive, caring and concrete way.

 What my clients think about it

” By his dynamism, his constant enthusiasm and his sharp mind, Julien is definitely a coach who will amaze you. Thanks to his external gaze and his great listening ability, he has a real willingness to help his clients find the solutions that are in them. If you wish to be accompanied in your projects or if you are looking for a person to help you achieve your goals, Julien is the person you need.” Johann T.

” Thanks to Julien and his accurate questions, our project has matured and has become clearer. He succeeded, with patience and enthusiasm, to highlight the strengths of each of our players. He has been able to suggest some keys, so that each player can approach the decisive games with confidence.” Eric Bailly, Coach of Espérance Sportive Pully, Women’s LNA basketball team.

“Julien is a pleasant, available, open and generous person. He gave me his support and comfort, and created a reassuring framework. He has been attentive to my needs and by his words, he has allowed me to confide in personal matters, which has enabled me to understand how to correct my dysfunctional thoughts or behaviors. I thank you again for your time and your empathy.” Kevin

“Educator, psychologist, social worker, coach, Julien Borloz invests with great professionalism in accompanying people. He wants to go to the end of his missions and find the best way to get his patients to achieve their goals. Dynamic, self-demanding, he knows how to listen and has great skills in the field of coaching.” Odile Rochat