Living Your Dream, Interview Marc Laverrière

Développement Personnel Interview Réussite

Living Your Dream, Interview Marc Laverrière

Today, I propose you a new interview that contains a testimony of an atypical job career, which is at the same time very similar to dozens of others. The story of Marc Laverrière shows perfectly how, when passing through tough times, believing in your dreams and abilities and dare to make the first step can allow you to reach your goals !

  1. Hi Marc ! I proposed you this interview because your life story is an example of perseverance and determination against adversity. Can you explain us what happened to you since 2008 ?

In 2009, I finished my apprenticeship as a printer. After that, I worked many years in the printing industry until I got fired for economic reasons in August 2014. During all these years, I had always drawn without a precise goal.

I met my wife in 2012 and she pushed me to become a tattoo artist, because even if I always dreamed of it, I was scared to really get into it. But she always has been here to support me and push me in this direction. We saw in my dismissal an open door for a career reorientation. I started this challenge without really knowing where I was going. I made a portfolio and started tattooing at home. Then, I knocked at every tattoo artist’s door to find a training. Unfortunately, the only answer I received was « no ». So I decided to put on the work and do it without someone to train me. By luck, I found in 2015 a piercing parlor looking for a tattoo artist and that’s how I started professionally. This same year, I unfortunately lived the in utero death of my daughter and the hospitalization of my wife who nearly passed away. Despite this terrible loss, I managed to get up and give full support to my wife. It was very important for me to succeed professionally in order to feed my family.

  1. What have been the motivations in changing your career ?

The support of my wife and the drive to live out of my passion. My dismissal also pushed me on this track. This has really been an opportunity.

  1. You’ve been an artist for several years now. What role does it play in your life ?

Being an artist and being able to live from my art gives me great freedom in my work and personal life. It gives me the opportunity to grow on a personal level. Moreover, I can schedule my work and spend time with my family. I’m more available for them.

  1. You had ups and downs in your job career. What allowed you to keep going and strive toward your goals in those difficult times?

The desire to succeed has been my main goal. Even if I’ve been through tough situations, I always had my wife’s support. Until this day, she has always sticked with me whatever happened. « Behind every great man hides a woman » (Gabriel-Marie Legouvé). During those years, I also realized that you shouldn’t wait for people to help you, you have to act yourself. That’s what I did and will continue to do.

  1. This blog talks about personal development and health promotion. What’s your position on these domains and what role do they play in your daily life ?

My vision is that everyone should be able to question himself in order to develop and take all the chances to reach his goals. Never take anything for granted. Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. I try everyday to question myself and I’m open to critics in order to get better… Even if it’s not always easy and that you need to take some distance to look at your own work.

  1. How do you see your future right now ?

In the future, I’d like to open my own shop which will be more in line with my image and my work.

  1. What advice would you give to people who, like you, wish to make a great change at the personal or professional level ?

Never let go ! Believe in yourself and don’t wait for people to help you. Take your life in control and give everything to reach your goals.

  1. This website is called BetterMe, what do you do to get everyday a little bit better ?

I question myself often, even on my own work. I’m conscious that I can progress in my art everyday. Nothing’s ever settled. I look a lot at what other artists do and that helps me push my boundaries always further in order to give my best.

What should we learn from this story ? First of all, you have to take risks and question yourself. It’s possible to work somewhere and change your job at any time. Learn to question your situation, your desire and dare to make the first step toward your goals. Another very important aspect in this testimony is the notion of social support. We can see how much the support of his wife and family allowed him to persevere in his new career. Surround yourself with people that support you ! He also managed to see positive (an opportunity for a new career) in a negative event (being fired), instead of staying passive and mourning about his situation. Finally, be proactive in what you do ! Communicate your goals to your friends, meet people that share the same passion as you, create opportunities and you’ll see that a new world full of possibilities will open to you !

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