7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Having Sex

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7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Having Sex

“The difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love causes it.” – Woody Allen

No it’s not another article on dating apps and consumer society. It’s not a debate on actual relationships that will announce you that you’re not able to stay in a couple more than 3 months either. Today, we’re going to talk about sex and its benefits on our mental and physical health!

Even the most reluctant to sport are seduced by this kind of physical activity and they are right!

Here are 7 health benefits of having sex:

Reduces stress

As previously exposed in the article “Cuddling For A Better Health”, cuddling and having sex trigger the secretion of oxytocin which acts as a natural antidepressant that reduces stress and reinforce attachment between persons. But that’s not all! When you make love, your body releases endorphins (substances that act similarly as morphine) that fight pain and stress, while provoking a wellness feeling. Next tim you have a headache, call your partner before swallowing an Aspirin!

Increases life expectancy

A study conducted with men aged from 45 to 59 showed that having sex 2 or more times per week reduced by 50% the mortality risk 10 years later compared with males having only a monthly orgasm.

Makes you look younger

David Weeks and Jamie James (1998) showed that a frequent sexual activity (about 3 times a week) was one of the major factors linked to a young physical appearance. Let your anti-wrinkle cream down and be active under the sheets!

Makes you smarter

A study showed that being in love improved long-term thinking (by the fact that we have the tendency to project in the future with our partner) while the simple fact of thinking about a previous sexual act facilitated analytical short-term thinking (because sex forces us to live in the moment). Why not having a little naughty nap to boost your analytical thinking?

Another study on rats demonstrated that a daily sexual activity during 14 days increased neurons production in the hippocampus (a major brain zone for memory) and reduced anxiety. Better than memory games isn’t it?

Strengthens your immune system

Searchers showed that students who had sex twice a week produced 30% more antibodies named immunoglobulin A (fighting toxins and infections) than their abstinent colleagues. Here’s a good way to prevent the flu!

Good for your heart

Studies suggest that having sex at least twice per week could reduce blood pressure and the risk of cardiac accident. If you’re not motivated to improve your cardio having a run, join your partner to work on that and have some fun!

Helps you fall asleep

Sexual orgasm releases a hormone called prolactin that triggers sleep. Don’t be mad at your partner if he/she falls asleep right after making love, it’s a sign that he/she enjoyed it! When you can’t fall asleep, why don’t you take your “natural sleeping-pill” to assure you a good night of sleep?

How often should we make love?

Searchers don’t totally agree on the ideal frequency of sexual intercourse, oscillating between 1 and 3. No pressure! Having sex once a week is enough to maintain a good connection with the partner, happiness and satisfaction.

Some people need more sex than others and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your sexual life and that you maintain a good communication about your desires and insatisfactions. Sex is fun, it’s a perfect way to take and give pleasure, so it really shouldn’t become a source of anxiety and conflict.

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Julien Borloz

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  1. Wow that’s awesome

    1. Thanks for your comment ! Have a great day!

  2. Good article but, Once a week?? Wow! My wife and I must be really healthy since we partake every other day. Once a week would cause me stress! And yes, I’m in my mid 50’s.

    1. Well, I guess you’re a lucky guy 😉

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