Athlete Mental Preparation

Athlete Mental Preparation

“There are two kinds of people on earth: those who find the means to succeed and those who find excuses for their failure.” Mr. de Cornouardt

What is mental preparation?

Mental preparation is a mental training technique that increases performance, whether in the sports, artistic or professional field.

The techniques

The MAC (Mindfulness, Acceptance & Commitment) approach

The MAC approach, developed by Frank Gardner and Zella Moore (2001), consists of a combination of mindfulness exercises and thought and emotional acceptance techniques to improve athletic, artistic, and overall psychological well-being. It aims to improve performance by promoting non-critical, honest awareness and acceptance of one’s thoughts and emotions. The program also encourages a focus on the performance task and a commitment to its values-driven behaviours.

The MAC program consists of 7 sessions (1 per week) between the athlete(s) and the therapist, and includes out-of-session exercises.

The following techniques are also used depending on the person:
Solution-Focused Coaching
Ericksonian Hypnosis

These approaches will allow you to:

  • Set your goals and make every effort to achieve them
  • Put you in mental states that facilitate performance (flow state)
  • Accept your thoughts and emotions so that you can use them as allies to increase your performance
  • Develop your attention
  • Learn how to deal with failures and success
  • Increase your self-confidence

Target Audience

Anyone determined to increase and optimize their performance is concerned with mental preparation. This usually includes athletes, musicians or professionals being in dominant and challenging positions on a daily basis.