Be Happy At Work By Being Hip-Hop

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Be Happy At Work By Being Hip-Hop

Some weeks passed since my last article, but as I spend more time with coaching clients as well as with hours to compensate in my other professional activity, I had to let writing aside for a little time.

Being happy at work

Everyday, I read articles about burn-out and professional stress. We’re going to address the topic of health at work and, to put it in an attractive way, we’re going to make a parallel with hip-hop culture. Yes, you read it well. It’s in hip-hop’s fundamental values that we’ll discover what will help you to keep smiling at work. For this, we’re going to take the Zulu Nation’s motto « Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun ».


To foster well-being at work, it’s important to have a peaceful workplace. It concerns the actual workplace, like having a quiet office where you feel comfortable, as well as the relationships between colleagues. In case of disagreement of conflict with a colleague, don’t let the situation get worst by waiting and create a space where you can talk to settle things down. If necessary, hire a mediator or a coach in order to have a third party as a ressource in the conflict management. The sooner the conflict will be defused, the less damage it will create. Offering a nice workplace as well as regular talking opportunities can prevent those conflicts.


To be happy at work, you also need to feel solidarity and unity between the colleagues. Knowing that you can ask your workmate for help anytime makes the interpersonal relationships way easier. Moreover, a united team allows everyone to make professional and personal life match by being more flexible on working hours for example. This solidarity fosters well-being and collaboration between workmates inside as well as outside of the office. Keeping a team united and facilitating collaboration between coworkers will help to create a healthy workplace.


No I’m not telling you to ask your colleague for a date. In order to maintain your love for your job, you’ll have to make it attractive. Repetitive tasks are almost inevitable in every profession. However, being able to have responsibilities, to be autonomous and have the possibility of being creative will make you forget about the less interesting tasks you’ll have to perform.

Having Fun

Having fun at work is also essential in order to get up every morning. This pleasure can come from different sources, from the tasks you perform, the relationships with your colleagues, the environment where you work… A cosy workplace, the will to perform tasks well and nice colleagues can compensate for an uninteresting job. If you’re not convinced, I suggest you to read Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience that explains how people take great pleasure and realize themselves by doing apparently repetitive and uninteresting tasks.


In summary, managers should foster quiet and cosy workplaces, with united and collaborative teams that have sufficient responsibilities, autonomy and the opportunity to take pleasure at work. By following those four values, you’ll prevent burn-out and create healthy workplaces.

Julien Borloz



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  1. Et les employés seront plus productifs et rapporterons donc plus d’argent, ce qui est bien plus parlant pour convaincre la direction :D. Merci pour cet article excellent!

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