Solution-Focused Coaching

Solution-Focused Coaching

 “Problem talk creates problems, solution talk creates solutions” Steve de Shazer

What is solution-focused coaching?

Solution-focused coaching is a method based on a brief, positive, solution-focused approach, which aims at making the individual autonomous and independent as soon as possible.
Compared to traditional  psychotherapy, this method focuses only on the solutions that your resources and skills allow you to quickly set up to solve a known problem. You’re the expert of your life.
This approach will allow you:
  • to imagine your ideal future
  • visualize your goals
  • to clarify your objectives
  • enhance your skills
… in order to quickly identify concrete solutions.
During this journey you will work on yourself and learn
  • to get to know you better
  • to recognize your strengths
  • to trust you
  • to have healthy social relationships

Who can profit from coaching ?

Coaching profits to everyone who wants an empathic, non-judging talking and listening space with a health professional, in order to reach a particular goal, develop himself personally, increase or reduce certain behaviors.

My fields of expertise are:

  • Help for professional, personal and relational change
  • Definition of ambitious and motivating goals
  • Improvement of self-confidence
  • Life habits change
  • Mental preparation and enhancement of athlete’s performances

My target audience

Any person who is looking to increase her well-being by developing new skills and habits, finding her professional path and improving her relationships.

Who can’t profit from coaching ?

  • Person with a diagnosed psychopathology who needs a full therapeutic treatment.
  • Person in a life-threatening situation.

Studies on the efficiency of Solution-focused Coaching